Winter is here!

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Winter is Here!
Winter is here
The winter weather has arrived and with it opportunities for school closures and delays. The following message is a simple reminder of what to expect in the event of severe weather and any closure or delay. Firstly, you will receive a phone call from the district’s automated system. If you do not receive a call you can also check the OSD main webpage or tune into King 5 School Alert for updates and announcements. The following guidelines are specific to Avanti only:

1-hour delay
= Teachers arrive as soon possible and safe to do so. AM students will arrive to school during 1st period, and school will begin Period 2 (no impact on PM classes)

2-hour delay = Teachers arrive as soon as possible and safe to do so. AM classes are cancelled (Periods 4-6 on time with no impact to schedule)

School Closure
= No School. All classes and extracurricular and evening activities are also cancelled (and there is a good chance we will need to make up the day in June). (Velsaquez)