Guidance @ Avanti

The Avanti High School Counseling Program provides valuable services to students, teacher and parents.  The Counseling Department's mission is to promote academic achievement, career planning, and personal/social development.  Your counselor can help empower you to make informed and intentional decisions regarding your education, your health, and your future.  Counselor services provided at Avanti High School include:

  • Provide support for academic, personal and social needs of students
  • Act as a consultant to teachers, parents and administration in regards to students' educational and personal needs.
  • Provide referral information for students and parents relating to outside support agencies and services.
  • Provide information on state tests and coordinate state testing and assessments.
  • Provide assistance completing Service Learning requirements.
  • Provide college and career information and resources for students, parents and teachers.
  • Provide ongoing support and information regarding academic requirements and graduation.

The Counseling office can be reached at:  360-596-7904