Mental Health

Crisis Information


call 911

The Crisis Clinic

A 24-hour, confidential, volunteer-staffed phone line anyone can call

The Crisis Clinic website  (360) 586-2800 -or- 1 (800) 627-2211

The Teen CARE Line

A Condidential, Anonymous, Reassuring, Ears, Sunday-Friday, 4pm-10pm, volunteer-staffed phone line for teens. After hours, the Crisis Clinic can be called.

(360) 586-2777 The Teen CARE Line online 


A 24 hour emergency support services including medical advocacy, shelter, food and clothing, counseling, transportation and legal advocacy for victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse and domestic violence. All services are free"-explanation taken from TOGETHER!'s Parent Resource Guide

Safeplace online- (360) 754-6300

Safe Lines

A Link to numbers that can be called anonymously by students, parents, teachers, or anyone who is concerned about potential danger to a school

Safe Lines Website

Child and Adult Protective Services

If you know of a child, vulnerable adult, or elderly person who has experienced abuse or is experiencing abuse, you can call this number 24-hours a day. If there is an emergency situation, call 911

Child and Adult Protective Services Website - 1 (866) END-HARM (1 (866) 363-4276)


Substance Issues

Whether you personally are struggling or you're worried about a friend or family member, you can access

The Student Assistance Program

Area Support Groups

Support Groups in the Area

Free Groups offered out of Providence Saint Peter's Hospital
(Go here for a variety of support groups including depression, substance use, and eating disorders)

Stonewall Youth
(A support organization for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered, and questioning youth)

(A group for allies)

Parents as Teachers
(A group for young parents held on Wednesdays at CYS)

(Alcoholics Anonymous)

(Narcotics Anonymous)