We are always in need of volunteers who have time to help spread the word about our programs, asssist us in sending out large mailings, or setting up and tearing down after an event.  If you can help us with any of the opportunities below, please let us know and we'll set you up to help us make a difference.

Host an information table:

Help us find Big Brothers and Big Sisters for waiting kids by volunteering to host an infomation table!  We arrange the details, you show up and share your story of being involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters for two to three hours over a weekend.  It's a fun way to be part of helping us find the perfect match for waiting kids.

Hang posters in your neighborhood:

We need volunteers from all over Puget Sound to be Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and one great way to spread the word about our program is to put posters in areas where we need volunteers.  Posters can go on community boards in coffee houses, in the windows of storefronts, on campus bulletin boards, and on telephone poles across the area.

Become a High School Mentor:

Reaching out to one child affects and entire community. The simple truth is the more positive examples our young people have in their lives, the more chances they have to succeed in today's world.

Visit our website or call us: