Volunteering for CCS

Helping another person brings a wonderful feeling of joy and satisfaction.  At Catholic Community Services, volunteers help elderly and disabled persons remain living independently in their own homes.  They also serve food to the hungry, tutor youth struggling in school, assist the staff of CCS day care and early learning center, and do much, much more!

CCS volunteers come from all segments of the population. Many are fully employed; others are homemakers, young people and retired persons. All bring a gift of caring and time. “Being a volunteer is truly one of the greatest gifts of my life,” says Al Jackson, of Volunteer Chore Services.

CCS offers a variety of opportunities to help others, arranged to accommodate volunteers’ schedules. Call today!  

Here is a link to current volunteer opportunities.

child care center volunteer (Thurston County)
St. Mike's Tikes
1010 Eastside St. SE, Olympia

dependent on interest: 
1. read one-on-one to preschool children 
2. yard maintenance 
3. repair child toys and furnishings 
4. classroom visitor - have lunch with a group 
5. provide office support


Volunteer Chore Services volunteer (Thurston County)

office located at 129 Decatur St NW, Olympia

Volunteers assist elderly and disabled adults with household tasks, transportation to medical appointments, shopping, minor home repairs, wheelchair ramp construction and other essential errands. WA State Patrol background check and signed confidentiality form required. Drivers must be 21 and over, have valid WA driver’s license, insurance, clean driving record and own vehicle. Time commitment varies: shopping and housework is usually twice a month, driving can be on-call or days and times you choose. We work with your schedule and preferences. Mileage reimbursement is available. Help someone in your neighborhood live safely and independently.

Volunteer, The Community Kitchen (Thurston County)

808 5th Street, Olympia, Washington [intersection of 5th and Plum]

The Community Kitchen is located at the Salvation Army Lodge at 808 5th St., Olympia, at the intersection of 5th and Plum. 

The Community Kitchen Administrative Office is located at 2940 Limited Lane NW, Olympia. 

Volunteers assist in preparing and serving lunch and dinner seven days a week, and in cleaning the kitchen, dining room and storerooms. There are also administrative activities (typing, filing, etc.) for which volunteers are needed.