Thank you for taking an interest in volunteering at CYS!


Our mission at CYS is to provide a continuum of individualized services and advocacy to empower at-risk youth and their families to meet their goals for safety, stability, belonging, and success. CYS assists vulnerable youth and their families with diverse backgrounds in developing their potential and acheiving a sense of responsibility to themselves and their community as they make the transition into healthy and productive adulthood. It is our vision that every child grow up in a supportive home and community, acheiving his or her full potential for personal growth.

At times we look outside our talented and trained staff and recruit volunteers to help. A volunteer's role can range from working directly with youth to helping with administrative tasks. It can be for just a short-term project or be a partnership for several years. Community Youth Services can manage just about any schedule and amount of commitment. Volunteer opportunities can be available during the day or the evening, depending on the program and tasks.

CYS values its volunteers, yet we do not always have open volunteer opportunities available. Please check our website and Facebook page periodically for current volunteer opportunities. Again, we appreciate your support, in whatever form you are able to give it.


CYS Volunteer Application