We exist to "Affirm the Value of Every Life". We believe that every human life was created by God and, based on that fact, we believe that every life is valuable. Some don't realize how important they are to God. Some refuse to acknowledge it and instead engage in harmful activities. We want to re-affirm that value through everything we do.


The Salvation Army was founded in 1865, by a Methodist minister named William Booth. Together, with his wife Catherine, they built an Army that would do battle for the Lord. Booth was an evangelist at heart and quickly discovered two things. First, he realized that he could not speak to a man's soul if his belly was empty. Second, although he never wanted to build a church, many of his coverts were looking to him for spiritual care and guidance. Thus began the social and church ministry of The Salvation Army.

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Main office number: (360) 352-8596
Office fax number: (360) 705-3651

Shelter Address: 824 5th Ave SE, Olympia
Web Site: http://www.salvationarmynw.org