As a non-profit organization, we seek both donations and volunteers. Rescue and rehabilitation can be costly and time consuming. The rewards are great when we are successful in getting an injured or orphaned animal healthy and able to return to its natural environment.  It is our mission to provide quality care and treatment in a safe and secure, nurturing environment while preparing wildlife for release into their natural habitat.

As a volunteer at FHSARR, you will learn to practice proper precautions for yourself and animals. We seriously require volunteers to follow the protocol for each animal and the facility in general because it can be dangerous to you, others, and the animals if protocols are not followed. Volunteers are provided detailed instructions on what has to be done for successful rehabilitation and the safety of all.

Volunteers are needed to clean cages, enclosures, equipment, and assist in preparing food to feed animals. Some volunteers learn to securely hold animals for treatment. It is important to remember that these are wild animals, and we must maintain their wild state so they can be successfully returned to the wild. Rehabilitation requires a greater desire for the animal’s well being than our own desire to show affection to them. Volunteers are welcomed to pet, brush, feed, and play affectionately with many domestic animals here at FHSARR. Domestic animals also require maintenance. If you love animals but are not ready for wildlife, the domestic animals can provide an opportunity to learn and gain experience. Domestic animals are kept separate from wildlife at all times.

Volunteers are also needed to transport animals to the facility when a call is received to rescue an injured or orphaned animal, and volunteers must have a copy of the FHSARR permit in their possession. We appreciate the many people who call to report the status of an animal, and it is important to be responsive, courteous, and helpful. Volunteers represent our organization when interacting with the public and therefore must be kind, polite and patient with people.

To volunteer, please contact us:  360-273-0550