Volunteer at Wolf Haven

Wolf Haven International is a nonprofit organization founded in 1982. Wolf Haven's mission is "working for wolf conservation“ through protection of wild wolves;promotion of wolf restoration in historic ranges; provision of sanctuary for captive-born wolves; and public education on the value of all wildlife.

Wolf Haven volunteers are important to the wolves living here and in the wild because they give of their time, knowledge, and support in educating peopleabout wolves and by promoting Wolf Haven International throughout the community. 

Volunteers help to increase understanding, appreciation, and conservation of wolves. They are invited to attend specialprograms and meetings where they are provided with opportunities to learn even more about wolves.

If you have a special talent, we'll put it to good use!

Volunteers must be 17 years old or older.

Opportunities include:

  • Grounds

  • Outreach

  • Office Assistants

  • Special Events

  • Tour Guides



For further information please contact

Cindy Irwin, Director of Volunteers

360. 264.4695 x 222 or cirwin@wolfhaven.org.