Nicole Winkley, Room 101

State of Washington requires

  • 3-credits of Math to graduate

  • Usually Algebra 1 & Geometry & Algebra 2


Students must also pass a State Math Assessment     

  • 2019+ must pass Smarter Balance exam

  • Taken in 11th grade year or after Algebra 2


Community Colleges (SPSCC, Pierce, Centralia…)

  • Take Math Placement test (unless you pass Alg 2)

  • Math 101 and above do count


4-year colleges/universities

  • TESC, UW, WSU, CWU, WWU, Yale, Stanford,...

  • Requires Algebra 2 or higher & SAT

  • Best if you have AP Statistics, Pre-Calculus, possibly AP Calculus

Learning Plans offered at AHS

  • Algebra 

  • Geometry

  • Algebra 2

  • Pre-Calculus

  • AP Statistics 

  • Financial Math

  • Modeling Our World With Mathematics


Teacher-lead/Hybrid vs. Student-lead Independent

  • Go at the Teacher’s pace

  • Teacher & group help on problems

  • Complete daily homework

  • Take tests with the class

  • Complete 1.0 credit in one semester

  • Go at your Own pace

  • Teacher/EA help on your questions

  • Complete practice work

  • Take tests when you are ready

  • Credit 0.5 for each course completed when you finish

  • Begin your next learning plan, if you choose to, after you finish a learning plan

Math Projects

  • Each Learning Plan requires students to complete a Math Project

  • It should be a project you haven’t done before.

  • Historical events, People, or Technology

  • Banking or Sports statistics

  • Experiment that includes data collection and analysis.

  • Models, tables, charts, graphs, written reflection, or algebraic notation.

  • Artwork with a detailed description of the mathematics.

  • It is intended to be an Application of Math.

  • It should take about 3 hours to complete.

  • Present in the classroom or exhibition night