November 15, 2017

November 15, 2017

Service Learning

Great opportunity for service learning hours. The STEP program, which brings together teens and elders for through inspired conversation, is looking for new teen members. Next meeting this Saturday, November 18th. Call Linda at 360-480-1894 or email her or talk to Heather at the counseling office. (Kazda)

Avanti Blood Drive
Avanti High School ASB is still in search of donors for our blood drive today, Wednesday, November 15th in the OSD Boardroom. Some of our morning slots (9-11) are open, however, we do accept walk-ins the day of the drive.

Why donate blood?
Blood is vital for people of all ages battling cancer, surgery patients, accident victims, and those receiving organ transplants. By donating in a blood drive with Bloodworks Northwest, you will help insure this lifesaving gift is available when your family, friends, or neighbors need it. Volunteer donors are the only source of blood for our community supply, and last year more than 100,000 patients in the Pacific Northwest were helped by blood donations.

For those who have signed up or will soon, be sure you eat a healthy meal 4 hours before donating and drink plenty of fluids. When you arrive, you will complete the health history questionnaire and the screening interview. You'll then receive a brief health check of blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and iron levels. If you're determined to be eligible, you'll sit back while approximately 1 pint of blood is collected; then enjoy unlimited cookies and juice while relaxing for 10-15 minutes. At the end of it all you will also receive an hour of service learning.

Interested in donating? Sign up in the Avanti Office or by calling Brenda at 360-596-7900 to reserve your time slot. You'll receive a reminder the day before with instructions. Minors (age 16-18) - you must bring a permission slip if you're a first timer. (ASB)

Lakefair Court Candidate
Any junior female student with a 3.3 (or higher) GPA who is interested in being a candidate for the Capital Lakefair scholarship program, please see Heather in the counseling office this week. Today, November 15th, interested students should be prepared to give a 3 minute speech to Avanti staff after school (2:30-3:30) about the strengths, qualifications and personal qualities that would make you a great representative of our school. Scholarship awards begin at $500 and can be up to $5000 if you are chosen as queen. (Kazda)

If you are needing help with college applications, essays or filling out the FAFSA, conference days are a great time to meet with Heather and ask for help with any or all of these things. Please fill out the form found on the Avanti Counseling webpage to make an appointment or stop by the counseling office. College application DEADLINES have started! (Kazda)


Winter is here
The winter weather has arrived and with it opportunities for school closures and delays. The following message is a simple reminder of what to expect in the event of severe weather and any closure or delay. Firstly, you will receive a phone call from the district’s automated system. If you do not receive a call you can also check the OSD main webpage or tune into King 5 School Alert for updates and announcements. The following guidelines are specific to Avanti only:

1-hour delay
= Teachers arrive as soon possible and safe to do so. AM students will arrive to school during 1st period, and school will begin Period 2 (no impact on PM classes)

2-hour delay = Teachers arrive as soon as possible and safe to do so. AM classes are cancelled (Periods 4-6 on time with no impact to schedule)

School Closure
= No School. All classes and extracurricular and evening activities are also cancelled (and there is a good chance we will need to make up the day in June). (Velsaquez)

Math tutors needed
Peer tutors needed for math Fridays from 12:20-2:20 pm. Help students create a better understanding of their Learning Plans and earn Service Learning credit at the same time. Connect with Nikki or Mr. Thedell for more details or to sign up. (Winkley)

Assembly Announcements form
You must fill out this form (click here)! if you wish to make announcements at the Assembly. We will now be taking surveys so that announcements will maintain relevancy to school activities. Only people who fill out this survey and get approval will be allowed to make announcements. (ASB)

Make an appointment with the counselor
I've created a link to a form on the Counselor's page that students can fill out and send to me when they need to meet with me, either for academic or personal reasons. Once you've sent the form, please be sure to check your email for my response! (Kazda)