Avanti Exhibition Site Spring 2020

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Avanti Exhibition Site Spring 2020
Avanti Exhibition Glass Art Piece

Session #4 - 2019/2020 - Chaos & Entropy

Without order, nothing exists.  Without chaos, nothing evolves.  Little did we know when we began the year and chose themes for each session, that we would be so accurate for Session #4.  This has been an incredible 3 months; not just for Avanti, but for the entire human species.  We are in a precious moment of chaos, where all the chips are in the air.  We can look at this moment and panic...or we could look at this moment with an eye for opportunity.  Maybe now is the time to re-evaluate.  Maybe now we can seek to restructure formerly rigid systems.  Forest fires are in fact necessary components of an ecosystem.  They do not destroy, but make way for dormant seeds to sprout, for the cycling of trapped nutrients, and for the ecosystem to regenerate.  

Our learning community decided to use this time to explore, evaluate, and seek the opportunities within the chaos.  Our students showed empathy, curiosity, and resilience.  We hope you enjoy their work that represents just a fraction of their journey.


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