Elise Krohn comes for Native Foods Workshop

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Elise Krohn comes for Native Foods Workshop

We were so lucky to have a guest teacher, Elise Krohn, visit our Nisqually Class to teach us about native plant foods and medicines. She even brought us local, native-plant teas!  We learned details of native plant compounds (like formic acid or antioxidants) that give plants their healing properties. We were told traditional stories of Northwest Coastal Native Peoples and taught ethics for harvesting sustainably.  

Her lecture inspired students to seek out more information concerning ethnobotany (the study of how humans use plants). We now have an abundance of foods drying in the AgLab to use in the springtime for more native plants workshops.  Elise has been working with several tribal educators to produce the Cedar Box Teaching Toolkit, soon to be released. Her website is also a plethora of useful information about plants and how to harvest them: http://wildfoodsandmedicines.com/

Thank you, Elise!