April 26, 2018

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Vote Student Council 2018-2019
Please vote!

Student Council Elections
This week we will be holding our elections for student council positions. At our Wednesday Assembly the candidates will introduce themselves and on Thursday you will cast your ballots after the announcements are read. 
Here is your first candidate video:
Alexis Nevy.

Voter Registration
If you picked up a voter registration packet and need to turn it in, please bring it to Heather. Students who turn them in will receive 1 Cultural Awareness hour. If you would like to register to vote but didn't get a packet, please see Heather to get one! (Kazda)

Thurston Talk Journalism Internships!
If you are interested in realistic job experience in the Journalism field, this internship may be for you! Thurston Talk is an online publication dedicated to local news. They host a school year-long internship for 10-12th graders to try out freelance journalism. Interns write one article per month and acquire experience in interviewing, photography, and communication. This year's applications are not posted on thurstontalk.com yet, but you can read about last year's here: http://www.thurstontalk.com/2017/06/08/thurstontalk-high-school-internship/
Please talk to Mr. Hanby or Ainsley Austin for more information regarding this unique experience! 


Bee Club!
We are starting a beekeeping club hosted by a local honeybee keeper and Evergreen graduate student, Anne. Starting April 13th; Fridays 12:20-2:20 in the AgLab! (Surprise)

May 12, 2018. See Announcement.

ASB is undergoing a re-branding!
Most of you may know that the ASB as the elected officials, but ASB really stands for Associated Student Body, which applies to EVERYONE!! You are ASB, and YOU are ASB, WE'RE ALL ASB. 
Those known as the elected officials are the Student Council, making decisions, and voting on fundraisers and such.
On that note, Friday meetings will now be an ASB forum, where everyone is invited!! Student Council meetings are where voting and decision making takes place, and unless specified otherwise, always open to the public!
Thank you ASB!!!! (ASB)

Horatio Alger Scholarship
If you are a senior who will graduate and join and will be attending a career or technical certification or degree, you may be eligible for this scholarship. Applications being accepted now through June 15 at application.horatioalger.org. See Heather in the counseling office for more information. (Kazda)

Coldwell Banker College Scholarship-available to all grades!
Coldwell Banker is offering a scholarship essay contest- "What makes a house a home?" is the essay topic. Students in grades 9-12 can enter between April 9 and May 6. More details about rules and eligibility at www.whatmakesahouseahome.com. See Heather in the counseling office for a flyer. (Kazda)

Smarter-Balanced Mathematics Assessment
This information is a change from what was communicated earlier: OSPI will required all 10th graders, class of 2020, to take the Math Assessment this year. We have scheduled that for May 1st & 2nd  (New Date!). The 11th grade test for students who have not passed the SB or EoC Math will be held as scheduled, May 30 & 31st. Letters will be handed out during conferences with more details. Pleasecontact tthedell@osd.wednet.edu if you have questions. (TThedell)

Friday D&D Sessions
Dungeons & Dragon (D & D) sessions are now going on every Friday from 10 am to 12 pm until the end of the year. Dice and character sheets are provided, but it is encouraged for people to make their own beforehand. If you are interested, see Maxwell Moe about further details. (Moe)

LGBTQ Volunteers Needed for Photography Project! Click here for the flyer


Remember to eat the most important meal of the day at school! Avanti serves breakfast from 8:00-8:30 am each morning in the lunchroom.

Math tutors needed
Peer tutors needed for math Fridays from 12:20-2:20 pm. Help students create a better understanding of their Learning Plans and earn Service Learning credit at the same time. Connect with Nikki for more details or to sign up. (Winkley)

Assembly Announcements form
You must fill out this form (click here)! if you wish to make announcements at the Assembly. We will now be taking surveys so that announcements will maintain relevance to school activities. Only people who fill out this survey and get approval will be allowed to make announcements. (ASB)

Make an appointment with the counselor
I've created a link to a form on the Counselor's page that students can fill out and send to me when they need to meet with me, either for academic or personal reasons. Once you've sent the form, please be sure to check your email for my response! (Kazda)

Daily Bulletin form
Click here to request information placed on the Daily Bulletin.