January 2, 2018

January 2, 2018


Avanti Talent Show
Please see the Talent Show Announcement on the Home Page
The Avanti Talent Show & Community Gathering will take place on Wednesday, January 24 from 5-7 pm in the Avanti Auditorium. We will have a potluck dessert and appetizer gathering afterwards in the boardroom. Students interested in auditioning, Friday January 5th at 1 pm is the audition day, and if you can’t make it you can arrange another time with Mr. Thedell. See the announcement on the home page to fill out the form if you want to sign up. 


Legislature Page program
Take a look at the program page to learn more about this great opportunity for Service Learning.

Service Learning

Great opportunity for service learning hours. The STEP program, which brings together teens and elders for through inspired conversation, is looking for new teen members. Next meeting this Saturday, November 18th. Call Linda at 360-480-1894 or email her at Linda.terry4@gmail.com or talk to Heather at the counseling office. (Kazda)

Math tutors needed

Peer tutors needed for math Fridays from 12:20-2:20 pm. Help students create a better understanding of their Learning Plans and earn Service Learning credit at the same time. Connect with Nikki or Mr. Thedell for more details or to sign up. (Winkley)

Assembly Announcements form
You must fill out this form (click here)! if you wish to make announcements at the Assembly. We will now be taking surveys so that announcements will maintain relevance to school activities. Only people who fill out this survey and get approval will be allowed to make announcements. (ASB)

Make an appointment with the counselor
I've created a link to a form on the Counselor's page that students can fill out and send to me when they need to meet with me, either for academic or personal reasons. Once you've sent the form, please be sure to check your email for my response! (Kazda)