Apply to Avanti HS

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Applying to Avanti:


Our mission is to offer students an academically rigorous and relevant curriculum within a relationship-based educational environment. The school program is built around fostering desired Habits of the Heart and Mind, or simply, the Avanti Habits, which are a set of values and skills that serve students now and throughout their lives. Theses core habits are: thinking critically; making connections; effective communication; thinking creatively and finding inspiration; striving for quality; reflection; resiliency; compassion; mindfulness of self and others; and working with integrity.

Students interested in attending Avanti High School need to:

  1. Complete an application by picking one up from the Avanti High School office. Please return the application with copies of your attendance records, immunizations records and an official transcript.
  2. Once a completed application is received and reviewed, the Avanti Secretary will call to schedule an interview with the Principal for the next enrollment period if space is available.
  3. Student's completing a successful interview will be invited to attend a probationary period called Orientation. During this time new students should demonstrate their ability to thrive within Avanti's self-directed and independent learning environment in order to remain enrolled. Students will need to complete a class called "orientation" within an 8-9 week period and maintain successful progression in all other classes during this probationary period. If students are unable to successfully complete the probationary period they are returned to their home high school's of residence. If you have any questions about applying to Avanti you are encouraged to call the Avanti Secretary at: (360) 596-7900