School Performance Report

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About Our School

Patrick Murphy, SuperintendentAvanti HS

Michael Velasquez, Principal 


Our Vision:

Our philosophy provides for a creative, authentic, mastery based educational system that equips all students with intellectual skills and promotes emotional intelligence. Students are empowered, informed citizens who contribute actively toward a democratic and equitable society. Avanti honors diversity and builds on the strength of its community, deliberately and explicitly, challenging all forms of inequity.

Our Mission:

Avanti is a small innovative public high school that provides a personalized learning environment. We build lifelong connections to learning, creativity, resourcefulness, and social justice. Avanti’s mission is to promote compassion, critical thinking, and creative self-expression, while emphasizing high standards for all students within an interdisciplinary structure.

Our Core Themes:


  • Creativity and innovation
  • Arts integration
  • Performance-based learning
  • Collaboration over competition
  • Depth in curriculum over coverage
  • Relationship-based environment, importance placed on community
  • Learning to use one’s mind well
  • Personalization
  • Student as worker; teacher as coach
  • Demonstrations of mastery
  • A tone of decency and trust
  • Developing the habits of mind and heart



2022-23 School Facts

Based on the October 2022 enrollment report, there were 167 students enrolled at Avanti High School.


The OSPI Report Card captures data for all enrolled students as of October 1 of each year. This total number DOES NOT provide a complete count of students Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) which districts receive funding. For additional resources on enrollment reporting and FTE calculations visit Washington OSPI Enrollment ReportingOpening in a new windowOpening in a new window.



Hispanic/Latino of any race(s)   
Black/African American 0.6%
Two or More Races


Student Demographics

Male students 47.9%
Female students 47.3%
Gender X 4.8%
Special Education 14.3%


Teacher Information


  • Number of classroom teachers: TBD
  • Average years of teacher experience: 18
  • Teachers with at least a Master's Degree: 72.7%



2022-23 District Operating Budget





$122,793, 667 74.18%
Building Administration
$10,620,540 6.42%
Maintenance & Operations   $10,667,395 6.44%
District Support
$5,113,296 3.09%
$4,832,295 2.92%
Technology $2,072,858 1.25%
Utilities & Insurance $5,034,198 3.04%
Food Service
$4,206,291 2.54%
Other $195,070 0.12%
Total Expenditures $165,535,574 100.00%




$31,547,262 19.42%
Federal   $13,996,756 8.62%
Other Sources                          
$511,105 0.31%
Total Revenue $162,433,780 100.00%

Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program

Washington students participate in state tests annually to assess their progress as well as the progress of our educational system as a whole. Learn more on the State Testing FAQ page.


Our state uses the Smarter Balanced assessment system, aligned to Washington’s K-12 Learning Standards. The scores below represent the percent of students who tested and met standard in three core subjects, ELA, Math, and for grades 5, 8, and 11, Science (Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science or WCAS).

2021-22 9th Grade SBA 


2022-23 9th Grade SBA

Our School  
Our District 
WA State 
  Our School 
Our District 
WA State 
ELA --- --- ---
--- --- ---
--- --- ---
--- --- ---
Science --- --- ---   --- --- ---

2021-22 10th Grade SBA


2022-23 10th Grade SBA

Our School  
Our District 
WA State 
  Our School 
Our District 
WA State 
ELA 84.8% 74.7% 62.2%
81.1% 69.0% 60.3%
21.2% 46.9% 30.8%
28.3% 42.4% 29.9%


2021-22 11th Grade WCAS


2022-23 11th Grade WCAS

Our School  
Our District 
WA State 
  Our School 
Our District 
WA State 
Science 7.1% 42.9% 38.5%   53.1% 37.0% 36.7%


Avanti High School Mission Statement

Our mission at Avanti High School is to provide an academically challenging, motivating and caring environment where students pursue the knowledge and skills that lead to their success. Through a variety of personalized learning activities, students become individualistic thinkers. Our students follow diverse paths to graduation, armed with a plan for life after high school. Avanti students strive for quality as they become responsible citizens in the world community.


Olympia School District Vision

We envision a supportive environment that promotes trust, growth, and achievement of the highest standards. We build our capacity for success through leading-edge programs and operations based on continuous improvement. We have a 100 percent commitment to quality and excellence in all things.


National Assessment of Educational Progress

The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) is a survey of grade student achievement in core subject areas. NAEP measures what students across the country know and can do in 10 subject areas, including mathematics, reading, writing, and science. Current state-level results may be viewed here.

To learn more about NAEP, visit this page.



For More Information

If you would like more details about student achievement and demographics, visit the OSPI website and select reports by district or school.


If you would like other information about Avanti High SchoolOpening in a new window please call (360) 596-7900.