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Image result for counselor imageIf you and your family are in need of support services at this time, please email Steve Aguirre [email protected] directly.


The Avanti High School Counseling Program provides valuable services to students, teachers and parents. The Counseling Department’s mission is to promote academic development and achievement, encourage safety in our community by supporting students in navigating social and emotional challenges, and to provide individualized post secondary education and career advising. Your counselor can help empower you to make informed and intentional decisions regarding your education, your well-being, and your future. Counselor services provided at Avanti High School include:


  • Provide support for academic, emotional and social needs of students.
  • Act as a consultant to teachers, parents and administration in regards to students' educational and personal needs.
  • Provide referral information for students and parents relating to outside support agencies and services.
  • Provide college and career information and resources for students and families.
  • Provide support and information regarding academic and graduation requirements.