Mental Health

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Mental Health

Crisis Information



call 911

The Crisis Clinic

A 24-hour, confidential, volunteer-staffed phone line anyone can call

The Crisis Clinic website [] (360) 586-2800 -or- 1 (800) 627-2211

The Teen CARE Line

A Confidential, Anonymous, Reassuring, Ears, Sunday-Friday, 4pm-10pm, volunteer-staffed phone line for teens. After hours, the Crisis Clinic can be called.

(360) 586-2777 The Teen CARE Line online []


A 24 hour emergency support services including medical advocacy, shelter, food and clothing, counseling, transportation and legal advocacy for victims of sexual assault, sexual abuse and domestic violence. All services are free"-explanation taken from TOGETHER!'s Parent Resource Guide

Safeplace online []- (360) 754-6300

Safe Lines

A Link to numbers that can be called anonymously by students, parents, teachers, or anyone who is concerned about potential danger to a school

Safe Lines Website []

Child and Adult Protective Services

If you know of a child, vulnerable adult, or elderly person who has experienced abuse or is experiencing abuse, you can call this number 24-hours a day. If there is an emergency situation, call 911

Child and Adult Protective Services Website [] - 1 (866) END-HARM (1 (866) 363-4276)

Substance Issues

Whether you personally are struggling or you're worried about a friend or family member, you can access

The Student Assistance Program []

Area Support Groups 

Support Groups in the Area

Free Groups offered out of Providence Saint Peter's Hospital []
(Go here for a variety of support groups including depression, substance use, and eating disorders)

Stonewall Youth []
(A support organization for Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual, Transgendered, and questioning youth)

(A group for allies)

Parents as Teachers []
(A group for young parents held on Wednesdays at CYS)

AA []
(Alcoholics Anonymous)

NA []
(Narcotics Anonymous)

Further Resources

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Thurston/Mason County National Alliance on Mental Illness

If you need additional assistance with referrals, the counseling office can be reached at (360) 596-7904.  Alternately, to make an appointment with Heather Kazda, Avanti’s school counselor, fill out this form.