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There are many opportunities within this community to do volunteer work. The links below will give you information about various non-profit community organizations where you can volunteer. 

First things first. Decide what you want to do

  • Interested in helping animals?

  • Interested in helping people?

  • Interested in the environment?

  • Interested in the greater Olympia community?

  • Interested in the arts?

  • Interested in community activism? 



Next, contact agencies and organizations to sign up

  • Contact multiple organizations to insure you get a place

  • Some organizations require training prior to volunteer assignments

  • Be realistic; don't sign up for more hours than you can work



A very important step!

Once you have an agreement with the agency, meet with your advisor and fill out a service learning plan. You can find it here.

Once you have a volunteer job

  • Congratulations!!
  • Treat your position as if it is a paid job - show up for all training and shifts; call in if you can't work

  • Work hard! This position can provide you a job reference in the future

  • Keep track of your hours and report them to your advisor