Habits of the Mind & Heart

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Habits of the Mind and Heart

In both school and daily life…

Reflection: You review and think about your actions and the work you produce, with the purpose of gaining new perspectives, looking for strengths and weaknesses and always making improvements when possible.

Compassion: You recognize the perspectives of others and their needs/struggles within your environment, and you are willing to advocate to support them.

Critical Thinking: You analyze, synthesize, and draw conclusions from information. You generate solutions to problems using both creative and rational thought. You keep an open mind and appreciate and engage from different points of view.

Connection: You look for patterns and the commonalities in which they relate in order to unify diverse materials/ideas and form solutions. Also, you demonstrate an awareness of how you connect within the patterns of a larger community.

Communication: You communicate honestly what you know or want to know, and what you believe or feel with clarity and brevity.

Inspiration/Creativity/Joy: You demonstrate original thinking, individual style, and creative problem solving. You look to develop your interests and find passion in what you do; have fun with what you are learning.

Quality: You strive for accuracy, completeness, and your best effort in all endeavors.

Resiliency: You demonstrate a determination not to give up even when you feel like it, face challenges and/or problems that seem difficult or insurmountable.

Mindfulness: In both school and daily life, you are aware of your thoughts and actions at any moment, all of the time.

Integrity: You are honest and trustworthy, accept responsibility for your mistakes and successes, you respect deadlines, and have a high ethical standard for yourself and your actions.

Responsibility: You own your mistakes and successes, you take initiative to participate in the process of learning, and you contribute your questions, ideas, and actions in group discussions, activities, and projects.